Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Younger Catholics More Devout

~from NBC Chicago
The Rev. Andrew Greeley, a prolific priest, sociologist and author is releasing a study based on a 2007 poll of more than 500 Catholics in Cook and Lake counties which says their faith is still burning brightly, reports the Chicago Tribune.

In “Chicago Catholics and the Struggles Within Their Church” Greely reports that 78 percent of respondents said Catholicism is either “extremely important” or “very important” in their lives.

The study found that parishioners gave a higher approval rating for their local priests than Cardinal Francis George, or even the Pope; and in many respects 20 and 30-somethings are more devout than older generations.

Greeley wrote that the survey found “two separate Catholic identities— an imaginative, story-telling identity and a rules identity,” reports the Tribune.

The study also discusses “Cafeteria Catholics,” those who still revere the sacraments, but don’t blindly follow the church's teachings on moral, religious and political issues.

Ah, so the Cafeteria Catholics revere the Sacraments but don't blindly follow the church's teachings. Eh, hem. These are the Thinking Catholics, those who won't let church's teachings interfere with their own interpretation of the Truth. The ones who decry Papal Authority but cling to their interpretation of Truth. In effect, they are their own pope.

Meanwhile, the other implication is that those of us who follow the Church's teachings are blind in our adherence. No chance that those who follow actually allowed two brain cells to be fired, or that any exercise of reason could have been employed to come to the conclusion that the Church's teachings are reasonable and therefore demands a response of docility and humility. Nah, freedom means autonomy from patriarchal and hierarchical Church structure.


Patricia Cecilia said...

Could someone interpret for me "prolific priest"?

TerryC said...

I think what is meant is "prolific author" or "prolific writer."
Fr. Greeley is a member of the Vatican II priesthood who is more proficient in sociology than theology. No one could ever accuse him of orthodoxy and he is a regular contributor to the National "Catholic" Reporter.