Monday, October 04, 2010

Marquis Messages

The Universalist "Church" just a few blocks from my parish where I work has had some interesting discussions and events in the last few weeks. I don't know much about Universalist beliefs or lack of beliefs. Perhaps reading the marquis tells me enough.

A month ago, the marquis advertised "Water Ceremony" and Potluck. So, it's not baptism, but a ceremony. Are there words spoken whilst conducting the ceremony? What exactly is the water ceremony for. I suppose it has the washing action, like washing hands.

Two weeks ago, the marquis displayed "The Creedless Church". Ah, so they don't believe in anything. Why even bother to call the community a church?

But remember, this was the church that earlier this year had "Responsible Eating" and "Faith and Global Warming".

The Baptist Chapel a mile down the road this past week asked: "Is your bag full of holes".

I ought to write a book on the Theology of Marquis Signs.

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SJH said...

The "Water Ceremony" or, as it's more commonly called "Water Communion" is not particularly related to baptism.

(I was a Unitarian Universalist before I became a Catholic.)