Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of Potlucks and Meaty Discussions

There is a Universalist Unitarian building, square and squat--quite tiny that can't have more than two rooms at most--that I drive by on my way to church. It has a marquee on the front lawn advertising what is happening or what is the topic of discussion at the weekly service.

For this coming weekend, the sign said: "Potluck and Ethical Eating". A couple of months ago, it was "Spirituality of Climate Change".

Hmm. Ethical eating. I wondered whether it would be a talk on the glories of veganism or vegetarianism. There flashed a memory of PETA protestors at a local lobster festival once.

Then I thought it would be a talk tying climate change and therefore the need for us to radically change our eating habits in order to alleviate the carbon excesses of massive food production....from reducing massive corporate fields, to supporting arugula production in the Chilean piedmonts.

Or it could be as simple as not overeating, eating moderately eschewing gluttony. But perhaps gluttony is too Catholic a word.

That the preceding word was "potluck" somehow seems to change the tenor, though. We Southerners can't resist fried chicken and biscuits. Where there's fried chicken, there's pulled pork.

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