Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding the Madonna IV

From the Cathedral of Seville

The Shrine of the Annunciation

How can one not love Our Lady, sinless creature that she was, created to bear Our Lord by the will of the Father? Whenever I visit a place of pilgrimage, the images of her that are there never fail to help me apprehend more deeply just how beautiful she is, how much in need of redemption the human race needed, and how God in His Infinite Wisdom and Love, provided this way, this path for our restoration. Through her, her simple "Yes" to the Father, the way was opened for us to become adopted sons through Our Lord's Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

The more I learn to love her, the more I grieve whenever she is disparaged. She, a creature of God's perfect will, as an object of scorn because of man's folly and dim understanding. I teach the RCIA people that the dogmas of Mary are revealed Truth about Our Lord, about God's way of Salvation. To ignore them or to reject them is to reject or ignore some deep Truth about God and about Man.

Teach your children to love her as Christ entrusted her to the Beloved Disciple. We, each of us, are that Beloved Disciple. Pray the Rosary, ponder on Christ's Mysteries revealed through Our Lady. When you do, your knowledge and love of God will increase. Your heart will swell with love for her and you will come to a love of God that is deeper and higher everyday. That is the simple promise that is behind the practice of the beads.

Oh, and fill your house with images of her. Your home will be richer for them. You will come to love what obedience stands for....not servility, but freedom.

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