Monday, July 12, 2010

Facilitating the Crossing of the Tiber

Fr. Dwight Longenecker suggested this:
An AngloCatholic priest and his remnant congregation who want to come over should immediately be offered hospitality in a local Catholic parish. The Bishop should assign a priest (preferably an already established Catholic priest who is a convert Anglican priest) to train these men while their cause for Catholic ordination is processed. At the same time the people should be catechized and all of the should start attending the Catholic Mass. Once they are received the Catholic parish should provide them an altar and time for the Anglican Rite Mass to be celebrated.

Once the congregation is established they can begin working together to obtain their own building. It might be a dis used Methodist chapel which they do up. It might be an Anglican Church that is redundant. It might be a Catholic Church that is redundant. It might be an old village hall or some other suitably ecclesiastical building that can be converted.

What will be needed is a positive, missionary mentality. This is a fresh opportunity for Anglo Catholics to do what they have (traditionally) done best--to step out in faith and do something beautiful for God--to proclaim the gospel with vigor and zeal and simplicity and to do so with the graces provided by being in full communion with the Holy See.

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Patricia Cecilia said...

God bless Fr. Longenecker for once again outlining the path of charity and clarity! Too bad the combox there is filled with much nastiness.