Monday, April 26, 2010

Pontifical Solemn High Mass

The Pontifical Solemn High Mass was simply beautiful. I brought along my DSLR camera, but then decided to live each moment and savor them. So I don't have any pictures to show. I'm grateful that Bishop Slattery stepped up to the plate and celebrated this Mass. The overwhelming reverence and sense of mystery was what I took away from it, that the momentous moment of the return of the solemn traditional rite--and I was there. The idea of "active participation" was reinforced for me one more time. It's the actions of the heart and uniting myself with the prayers at the altar that are truly active participation. The whole thing made me ever so grateful to be Catholic, to be in communion with the Holy Father in celebration of the timeless Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in its most splendid form.

***Oh, and the cappa magna was really awesome....I had the camera in my hand but then I decided to watch every bit and commit to memory the look of His Excellency. He had a solemn look, a sense of the import of the moment, and I imagined that his long train was gathering up all of our love and prayers. As he ascended the steps toward the altar and then take a turn into the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, I had a flash of recognition of the entrance of the High Priest into the Holy of Holies. It just doesn't get any better than that.

***The sermon was stunning. Read it here at the Diocese of Tulsa's website.

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