Friday, April 30, 2010


See this baby? It's a 6.5 meter doll that blinks. It is Spain's entry in Shanghai's World Expo opening tomorrow.

Its creator explained the reason for her theme "because of the passion China and Spain share, for children, and as a way of showing that our actions have consequences on our children."

Seriously? Spain and China passionate about babies?? Spain has the one of the lowest birth rates in Europe. And China is in the middle of gendercide so much so that there are 30 million more men than women. Let's not forget the one-child policy so rigorously enforced.

So, instead of real-live giving birth to babies, this exhibit objectifies the dream of babies, the romantic notion of passion for babies that in reality is a far from being passionate about babies.

This is a delusion.

She is correct in one thing, actions DO have consequences. And the culture of death that prevails in both Spain and China is hard to ignore.

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