Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty and Truth

One more point....beauty so little surrounds us. We are pressed in on all sides by coarseness, by ugliness that wearies, by mediocrity that is held up as beautiful, mocking that which is True and Good. We become inured to the Beauty that beckons and mesmerizes us out of our inward-ness, that navel-gazing which is glorified in our media. It is a navel-gazing that condemns yet provides no way out but more self-glorification.

So, in these rare moments where the beauty of liturgy lifts us out of our trodden paths and propels our gaze upward, our hearts leap with joy, yes, true joy, to know, as Bishop Slattery so beautifully said, that our suffering is taken up, united with Christ's suffering, that we may make sense of what we bear daily in our crosses.

This is why it is imperative that our worship not be banal and me-oriented. It is so crucial that our gestures embedded in our liturgical rites be the highest and best that we can offer. This is about Salvation, not about feeling good.

St. Paul exhorts us to lift our minds to that which is true and good and beautiful because that is precisely where our destiny is, where God is who is all goodness and truth and Beauty Himself. This is where we truly find ourselves.

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