Monday, February 01, 2010


We don't do well with this white precipation.


Anonymous said...

Does not the Department of Roads in North Carolina know what salt is?
Our road has not been touched by them and as such is like a luge course.
Hopefully they clear it up in time for us to make the 95 mile drive to OLPH for Candlemas.
Please pray for this.

Anonymous said...

I took a few snapshots of the lovely winter scenery too. Indeed, southerners tend to be pretty helpless in wintry conditions!

Thanks for posting! And I have to admire you for making it to mass that day. I wimped out and decided not to brave the elements.

Anonymous said...

What you call a snowstorm we call a dusting. We had some relatives come up from Texas at Christmas time a few years back. They couldn't even walk on the stuff.

Like Syracuse, we are east of the Great Lakes and get an average of 121 inches a year. This winter has been a bit strange, however. We're at our end of January average for snowfall but there isn't much snow on the ground due to periods of above average temperatures.

I must say that the rolling hills and farmland is beautiful this time of year, but I still prefer the wild flowers and grazing horses/cattle scenes of summer.

Argent said...

121 inches? Show-off. ;)