Monday, February 15, 2010

Preparing for Lent

Yesterday, the choir and some friends buried an Alleuia Strawman in the church courtyard garden. The schola chanted the Easter Vigil Alleluia.

Later that afternoon, Father came to me with terrible news. Some neighborhood children heard some screams. They followed the sounds which brought them to the burial site of the Alleluia man. I should have known he was teasing when he could barely keep a straight face.

In the Extraordinary Form, we've been preparing for the holy season of Lent during the Septuagesima time. The Introit for Septuagesima was Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis....the sorrows of death surrounded me. A rather stark transition from the happy time of Epiphany, but lent a wealth of meditation for me in dying to self, following the footsteps of our Lord, carrying my daily crosses.

Here's Cristobal de Morales' setting of the text.

Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis, dolores inferni circumdederunt me.

The sorrows of death surrounded me, the sorrow of hell encompassed me.


Anonymous said...

Argent, will there be an Ash Wendesday TLM at OLPH with the blessing of ashes?

Argent said...

TLM Ash Wednesday will be at Sacred Heart Dunn.