Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow from Head to Toe

Dear Mr Gore: So you were worried about the polar caps melting? I suggest you rest easy. Note, here's Britain covered with snow. Perhaps that's a cosmic signal that AGW is a washed up theory. Oh, and East Anglia University? Guess where it is on the map? Final note, according to linked source, weather predictions for this weekend?
"Most parts are expected to remain below freezing on Friday, warming only marginally at the weekend."
Way to go, Al! Remember last year, you were supposed to be in DC for some big Global Warming Congressional Hearing? The day you were supposed to arrive DC was hit by a massive ice/snowstorm. God's trying to tell you something, Al.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Argent: If your house is under that, I think you are minimizing what could be a real problem! :-)

Argent said...

LOL, I just need an excuse to hoard milk and bread (both items disappeared off the grocery shelves this week in anticipation of snowfall-that-wasn't).