Monday, January 25, 2010

More pictures from March for Life

When the bus driver dropped us off at the Navy Memorial around 2:15 the line hadn't moved. The March was supposed to begin at 1. It finally started moving around 2:30 while we were at the back of the line in front of the National Archives. We had an appointment with our senators so just as the March turned into First Street in front of the Supreme Court, we stopped at the Russell Building to visit around 3:30. One of our senators had water and cookies waiting for us. At that time, the line, according to one of our parishioners who broke away from us to find soda, said that line was all the way to Union Station (a secondary branch into the main line of the March) and hadn't yet moved. Our parish emerged after 5, an hour after the March was supposed to end and brought up the end of the line with the Tradition, Family, Property people and the drum and fife corps as they always do each year. St. Joseph's statue again brought up the rear as he always does each year. Our bus driver, who in previous years always parked the bus by a Catholic church nearby to meet us, couldn't even find parking and had to circle 'round and 'round for hours. Too many buses discovered our rendezvous point.

A rare gap in the crowd which allowed me to squeeze through to the sidewalk to turn around and see down hill.

Lost fatherhood.

See how young were the faces.

Yellow and white! Vatican colors.

Anarchist Agnostic Against Abortion!

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