Tuesday, January 05, 2010


My daughter misplaced her snow hat and matching gloves. So yesterday, we went off to the stores to find her a new set. The temperatures were well below freezing, which is cold around these parts (our garden fountains had to be drained so that we wouldn't have to deal with cracking, etc). Imagine our frustration when store after store had spring merchandise only. Here we were prepared to support the local businesses and no, we were confronted with bikinis and swimsuits instead.

It would have been quicker for me to take a skein of yarn from my yarn trunk and knit her one than troop from one store to another. It's why I hate shopping. It's much easier for me to surf and click. Many of my acquaintances use shopping as therapy. To me, it's pure agony. My husband is the one who shops for grocery and then, only late at night when hardly anyone's around. The only store that I will tolerate is a bookstore, preferably a rare or used books bookstore. In the town I grew up in, it was called The Dusty Bookshelf where I was able to buy Great Books that my children are now enjoying.

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