Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gesima Sundays

...are coming. I just looked at the calendar and, my, how time flies. Septuagesima Sunday is not too far away. January 31st, to be exact.

I so dislike the terms "# in Ordinary Time". It puts me in a lull and then Ash Wednesday pounces on me like a cat. So much better, the old Gesima Sundays. Our pastor likes to preach on them in the usus antiquior.

The Introit for Septuagesima Sunday begins with that formidable word circumdederunt, the chant begins plainly. But the second time the word is chanted, there is this wonderful melisma that brings to mind the circling of one's enemies. I just love the structure musically of Introits.

The Epistle talks about running the race (Lent is coming!) which leads to the Tract De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine.

Remote preparations for Easter counting down to near preparation for Easter...they help me gradually prune away excesses so that I'm not panicking on Ash Monday and Ash Tuesday (see the Eastern Calendar) and come up with a meaningful way to observe Lent.

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