Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Suspending Latin Mass in Calgary

...this is pathetically sad. From the Charlotte Examiner:
The Bishop, as published on the diocesan website, made drastic and forceful measures in the face of the Swine Flu outbreak. Mandatory as of November 9th, the bishop suspended communion on the tongue and from the chalice, stopped shaking hands at the sign of peace, removed the holy water from the fonts, as well as some minor non liturgical changes.

When FSSP told the bishop they were unable to comply, the result was a notice that the EF was suspended for the duration of the restrictions.

According to Catholic Family News, the bishop has been notified of the CDWDS notification regarding this matter. Allegedly, the bishop replied: "I am well aware of what the Congregation decided but quite frankly, it is not their call. It is mine."


Anonymous said...

I believe it was Aquinas,inspired by Divine Revelation, including Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium, who stated:
"An unjust law is no law at all."

Patricia Cecilia said...

Perhaps the EF-devoted Catholics of Calgary should arm themselves with copies of the CDW notification on the subject of Communion on the tongue, appear in droves at Masses at which the bishop is celebrant, and present themselves for Communion with tongue outstretched and the letter pinned on their breasts. They should put a second copy of the letter in the collection plate with a notation that they will make no donations to a diocesan parish or to the diocese until the bishop complies with the CDW's instructions, and also send a third copy directly to the bishop's office stating the same.

I assume that the FSSP have already made this situation known to the proper authorities. Unfortunately, if the FSSP were to ignore this "unjust law" such disobedience would play right into the Enemy's hands, as the bishop would then have the right to totally suspend all activity of the FSSP in his diocese.

Meanwhile, we should all pray for our brethren in Calgary, the priests of the FSSP there, and the bishop.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, if the FSSP were to ignore this "unjust law" such disobedience would play right into the Enemy's hands, as the bishop would then have the right to totally suspend all activity of the FSSP in his diocese."

Patricia Cecilia:
Error has no rights.
As it is a canonical fact that forbidding the reception of the Blessed Sacrament on the tongue is an erroneous order, the supression of the FSSP in Calgary is an unjust and therefore illegal law, which is therefore outside the law.
Yes, His Excellency has the authority to silence the FSSP in his diocese, but, for the above reason it does not make it just.

We shall hopefully see the Holy Father reverse this unfortunate ruling, for the FSSP to continue their apostolate in Calgary which plays into the Hands of Almighty God rather than Satan.
This persecution of the FSSP will produce much good fruit in the Church.
I just pray that the scandal this causes to the faithful will also.

Argent said...

The twist to the story is that the faithful were making a "spiritual communion" but the Bishop said that this pandemic didn't warrant a spiritual communion. So there was already a move toward complying with the letter of the law. But this wasn't good enough for the Bishop.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Bishop Henry knows that Catholics are only obliged to recieve the Blessed Sacrament once per year during the Easter season.
He has no right to tell the faithful to recieve the Sacrament more than once per year.
They can make 364 spiritual communions if they want, and no one can mandate otherwise.

I really wonder what the underlying reason for Bishop Henrys suppresion really is.
I am sure it is not to drive the faithful to the FSSPX chapel in Calgary, but that is the effect it seems to be producing, we are already hearing about this happening.
This suppresion seems destined to backfire.
What does it say to the faithful of other parishes in Canada where the Ordinaries "allow" the faithful to recieve Our Lord on the tongue?
Is this "One,and Catholic"?