Saturday, December 19, 2009

O Radix Jesse

O Radix Jesse, qui stas in signum populorum, super quem continebunt reges os suum, quem gentes deprecabuntur: veni ad liberandum nos, jam noli tardare.

O Root of Jesse, who stands as a sign for the people, kings stand silent in your presence, whom the nations will worship: come to set us free, put it off no longer.

Read Fr. Mark's meditation on the flowerings of the Root of Jesse.

Listen to Godzdogz chant today's antiphon and read the accompanying meditation.

Pray the Christmas Novena

Sorry, I missed yesterday's O antiphon. It was a long day at work and had no break whatsoever even to eat lunch. The school kids were all sugar-induced hyperactive. It was a trial to try to teach them so we sang Christmas songs behind Father's back.

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