Monday, December 21, 2009

News from Twitterverse

....Belleville (Illinois) Bishop Braxton sets kneeling at Consecration deadline for a parish. (Excuse me, but how hard is this to implement? I guess impossible if your heart's position is "Non serviam")

....Meanwhile, the hopey-changey dopey crowd rams a bill through in the dead of night. How's that for transparency? All kinds of procedural shenanigans but did the LameStreamMedia pick up on it? Oh, no. Sycophantic, disgraceful, major FAIL.

....Anger over Pope Pius XII being named Venerable. No, this crowd will not be satisfied with the evidence that's staring them in the face. There is enough documentation to prove that the Holy Father saved a LOT of Jews without seeking the world's approbation.

....And up for re-election in, Dingy Harry is on the list along with some other Disgracefuls. Next election ought to be quite interesting.

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