Monday, December 07, 2009

Music for Immaculate Conception

Ordinary Form:

Processional: O Sanctissima
Introit: I will heartily rejoice in the Lord--Fr. Arbogast
Kyrie: Orbis Factor
Gloria: Andrews
Psalm Responsory: Alstott
Gospel Acclamation: Alstott
Offertory: Tell Out My Soul (tune: Woodlands)
Offertory Verse: Ave Maria, gratia plena (from Gregorian Missal)
Sanctus: from Mass XVIII
Memorial Acclamation is recited
Lord's Prayer: chant
Agnus Dei: from Mass XVIII
Communion Verse: Glorious things of you are said, O Mary--Fr Arbogast
Communion hymn: Draw Near and Take (tune: Coena Domini)
Communion music (sung by schola): Alma Redemptoris Mater (Ambrosian chant)
Recessional: Immaculate Mary

School Mass:

Procession: Sing of Mary Pure and Lowly (tune: Pleading Savior)
Kyrie: follow Father's chant
Gloria: Andrews
Psalm: Alstott
Gospel Acclamation: Listen to Jesus
Offertory: Mary's Song (Millie Rieth)
Communion: Organ music, Improvisation on plainchant Ave Maria
Recessional: Hail, Holy Queen (tune: Salve Regina Coelitum)

Extraordinary Form, Missa Cantata.
We just had Missa Solemnis, so we were short on rehearsal time. The Schola Vox Clara is directed by Dr. Patricia Warren. The instrumentalists are also from the schola...they do double duty for which I am eternally grateful.

Prelude: Bach, Suscepit Israel from Magnificat, instrumental arrangement by Dr. Patricia Warren
Procession: Alma redemptoris mater, simple tone
Introit: Gaudens gaudebo
Kyrie: from Mass VIII (I really wanted to do Cum jubilo but, since it's a holy day of obligation, there will be people coming who've never experienced the traditional rite, and may have some vague memory of Missa de angelis. So for pastoral reasons, we're going with Mass VIII)
Gloria: from Mass VIII
Gradual: Benedicta es tu
Alleluia: Tota pulchra es
Offertory: Ave, Maria
Offertory music: Arcadelt Ave Maria; Salve Mater (from Traditional Roman Hymnal, ancient Carmelite tone)
Sanctus: from Mass VIII
Agnus Dei: from Mass VIII
Communion Verse: Gloriosa
Communion music: Byrd Ave verum; Rosa vernans (from Crown Hymnal);
Recessional hymn: Immaculate Mary
Postlude: Grieg, Ave maris stella, instrumental arrangement by Dr. Patricia Warren

Some random musings (well, some of it is related)

We're close to completing a year's cycle of restoration of the chanted Propers in the Ordinary Form of the Mass. For those of you wanting to dip your toes into the restoration of the Mass, the place to start is the Communion Verse. The objections that most pastors and congregations raise have to do with robbing the congregation of their place to sing. The Communion Verse is a place that is unintrusive, no one is singing at that point anyway, as they're processing forward to receive Holy Communion. I would go with a vernacular setting. Richard Rice and Fr. Weber have some lovely choral settings. It's easier to pitch the idea of a choral anthem, vis a vis, Communio.

My next step is to add the melismatic Alleluia. That battle is far off yet. So for now, we stick with the chants found at Chabanel Psalms. I might throw in once in awhile those by Fr. Weber and Fr. Kelly.

I'm grateful for my pastor's encouragement and complete backing and to the family schola and string trio that I can throw music at at the last minute which doesn't seem to faze them. They studied for a year with a local university professor specializing in early music, so they've gotten adept at sight-reading neumes. Of course, it helps that they've been studying music since each of them was four...and they have "perfect pitch". Incidentally, they're thrown off a bit if I give them a lower starting pitch than what's written on the score....but, in Gregorian notation it's not quite an issue since we're thinking in do, re, mi, fa, sol (do being movable) and not C, D, E, F, G. Those notes are set in their brains...anyway, a fascinating piece of trivia. And, the "perfect pitch" ability seems to run in the males in my family and not the females. What's up with that?

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