Monday, December 14, 2009

Music for Gaudete Sunday and a mild rant

~for the Ordinary Form:

Processional hymn: On Jordan's Banks
Introit: Rejoice in the Lord--Anglican chant (Father censes altar)
Kyrie: Orbis Factor
Collect: Recto tono
Psalm Responsory: Gelineau tone
Gospel Acclamation: Chant, Mode VI
Offertory hymn: O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Offertory verse: You have favored, O Lord, your lands--Fr Arbogast
Sanctus: from Mass XVIII
Memorial acclamation: Dying your destroyed our death...recited
Agnus: from Mass XVIII
Communion hymn: Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All (Sweet Sacrament)
Communion music: Verbum supernum prodiens
Creator of the Stars of Night (Charles Giffen)
Communion verse: Say to the anxious--Fr Kelly
Recessional hymn: People, Look East (Besancon)

~for Extraordinary Form, Low Mass

Processional: On Jordan's Banks
Offertory: Veni, Veni Emmanuel, plainchant
Communion: Jerusalem, surge, plainchant
Recessional: People, Look East

~for Sung Vespers and Compline after TLM

Antiphons: from Liber Usualis
1. Veniet Dominus 2. Jerusalem gaude 3. Dabo in Sion 4. Montes et omens colles 5. Juste et pie
Antiphon before the Magnificat: Beata es Maria
Hymns: Conditor, alme siderum; Alma redemptoris mater (solemn tone); Magnificat (simple tone); Nunc (simple tone)

----->Here beginneth the rant wherein you may chuze to leave before it unfolds:

The schola and I put in twelve hours at work every Sunday. We return home around 10 o'clock at night. So if I don't answer the phone on Mondays, please realize that while you may have had a weekend, I didn't. It's the one day of the week that I need to recharge. You'll have to forgive me if your Christmas Card arrives on Epiphany. Coming up is Christmas Eve with back-to-back Masses and then Christmas Day Masses. Midnight Mass is Missa Cantata. Vigil Mass will have for prelude a shortened version of Matins for Christmas Day. Children's/Family Mass at 5:30 will feature the Children's Choir singing Adam Lay Y-Bounden, chanting the Psalm responsory and Gospel Acclamation. I'm working on setting the Christmas Proclamation to be chanted by the schola. And the family string ensemble will be playing Corelli.

If you invite me to your child's recital or choir concert and I look at you with deer-in-headlights look and demurely say, "Oh, thank you, but I can't" know that it's because I'm already up to my eyeballs in music and sitting through a concert is a bit like a busman's holiday....oh, and I forgot to mention the two school Christmas plays that are my responsibility...uh, huh.

My husband and Son #3 bought the Christmas tree last Saturday from the Boy Scout lot. I don't know when the decorating will get done. I may just hang all the printed music we're singing for Christmas on the tree.

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Cathy_of_Alex said...

Arg: I mean AAARGH! I don't get how anyone can fail to realize that Church musicians are swamped this time of year.