Monday, December 21, 2009

Music for Fourth Sunday of Advent

~for the Ordinary Form of the Mass

Processional hymn: Savior of the Nations Come (Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland)
Introit: Drop down dew, you heavens from above--Fr. Arbogast
Kyrie: from Orbis Factor
Collect: recto tono
Psalm Responsory: Alstott
Gospel Acclamation: Alstott
Offertory hymn: The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came (Gabriel's Message)
Offertory Antiphon: Ave Maria, gratia plena, plainchant (the schola has been chanting this all year so this was another opportunity to reinforce the it's one of my favorite tunes to do an improv on for "filler music")
Sanctus: from Mass XVIII
Memorial Acclamation: recited
Lord's Prayer: chanted
Agnus Dei: from Mass XVIII
Communion hymn: O Come, O Come Emmanuel (all 8 verses)
Communion music: Rorate cæli desuper, Graduale Romanum (Fourth Sunday of Advent is incomplete without this chant. I programmed it here at Communion even though structurally, it's an Introit. Remember, we're still in the process of restoration. Brick by brick.)
Recessional hymn: People, Look East (Besancon)
Postlude: Toccata on People, Look East (an improv)

~for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, Low Mass

Processional hymn: On Jordan's Banks (Winchester New)
Offertory: Canite, tuba in Sion (from Fourth Advent Vespers)
Communion: Dicite pusillanimes (from Communio)
Recessional hymn: When the King Shall Come Again (Gaudeamus Pariter)


Anonymous said...

Just curious: who is Alstott?

Argent said...

Owen Alstott from OCP. He wrote Psalm settings that are largely chant in nature. The antiphon is melodic and supposedly easy for the congregation to sing back.

I'm doing an experiment to see how well the congregation sings the Psalm Responsory. It doesn't matter what setting I use, the faithful rarely sing the responsory. It's not a matter of too many notes. I think there's a genuine discomfort with singing it back. My goal is to return to the Gradual. We're a long way away from it however.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.