Monday, December 14, 2009

Copying Mega-churches?

~UGH! No!. Powerpoint? Children tracing the sign of the cross on their priest's forehead during Communion. Puh-leez! Will the church of me please stop evangelizing now.

I agree with Jeffrey Tucker, the Roman Rite is about divine worship not worship of ourselves. The warm feelings engendered by Powerpoint worship aids may foster an immediate feeling of belonging but obscures the more profound drama than puppet shows, as Jeffrey put it.

I went to a women's Advent retreat over the weekend led by Sr. Joseph Andrew, vocations director for the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor, MI. One of the things resonating in my head is what she said about the sweetness of the Eucharist. During the retreat, we had a Holy Hour, no music, no moving pictures, just Jesus in the monstrance. The changing angle of the light illuminated the rising heat from the candles and in my mind's eye, I could see the angels and saints worshiping and adoring along with us fidgety humans who understand dimly yet the glory that was before us. We all struggled with impatience and internal ruckus evidenced by the constant movement around me. I purposed to just gaze and empty my mind from needless things and for a minute at a time, to give my whole being into adoration. How totally useless in the world's eyes. But, as Romano Guardini said in Spirit of the Liturgy, I wasted time for God's sake.

Yesterday, at the traditional Mass, during the Elevation of the Host, I was deeply moved to adore in a new way. Not that Father had done anything new, but the action of elevating the Host after my retreat changed something in me. The Thomas in me could say again with awe, "My Lord and My God." Isn't that why we worship?

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GrandmaHurliman said...

thanks for your comments. We have Adoration for an hour before mass every Sunday and I have to struggle to stay focused on the Lord. Many parishioners come in and go out, do not know the proper protocol for the exposure of the Blessed Sacrament. It isn't their fault that I have difficulty staying focused, but it adds to the distraction nonetheless.