Monday, December 07, 2009

Advent Blues

Exchanging e-mails with a friend in Baltimore who is experiencing Advent Blues. This is from the house parodist at WDTPRS:

O come, o come liturgical blue;
out with the old, and in with the new.
Let’s banish purple vestments from here,
the color blue is very HOT this year.


Gaudy, gaudy, gaudy chasubles,
in baby, navy, powder-puff and teal.

Since Advent is the Blessed Virgin’s time,
we’ll wear blue, though it’s a canonic crime,
and in the third week, we’ll wear white.
Although it’s wrong, we’ll say that it’s alright.


Around the wreath we’ll place blue candlelight,
and in one corner, we will place one white.
We’ll drape blue over our communion rail,
and use blue burses with blue chalice veils.


And, just in case you were wondering about liturgical colors for penitential seasons, here's the Saint Bede Studio post on "violaceus". Check out the color swatches. At our parish, we have two sets, one for the Ordinary Form in Royal Purple and one for the Extraordinary Form in Roman Purple.

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