Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tyranny abounds

...via the European Court of Human Rights. So, tolerance only goes one way. The sensibilities of the small outweighs everything else. Secularism marches forward. Symbols be damned because we must have a world erased of anything remotely spiritual. "Confession neutrality" is the euphemism. All the while using "secularism" as the common good. Secularism is an idol, it is not "confession neutral". It is a religion which at present is quite aggressive.

What does secularism claim? To be free from religion and the government imposition of religion.

So what does secularism do? Uses government to impose its view on everyone else.

Here's my message to secularists.

Our souls are immortal. It is charity to tell you that there is an eternal destiny. If you don't believe that we have immortal souls and only see this life as all there is, then what does it matter that others believe that there is life beyond this one? It matters to you because your conscience is being seared. You want to push all symbols away because you don't want to have to confront the untenable position you hold to be free from religion. Man is naturally religious. The universal experience of man bears this out.

The secularist's outrage is very, very telling. And what are the fruits of secularism? Shall we count the ways it has benefited societies where it has been the state religion? How about taking recent history, what is the body count?

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