Saturday, November 28, 2009

A New Resource for Learning the Ordinary

...from the people that gave to us Chabanel Psalms, the Corpus Christi Watershed has unveiled the new site:

Saint Antoine Daniel Gregorian Chant Ordinaries

This site is great for learning the different Mass settings for the year. The site offers scores for each part of the Ordinary and also the different Credo settings. Free Kyriale organ settings are also included. In addition, mp3 sound files are provided so that you can hear what the chant sounds like.

Two companion sites which help a schola learn the Propers are (also from Corpus Christi Watershed): for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass for the Ordinary Form of the Mass

One of the things my choir members have said to me, and they are untrained in music except for the three section leaders, is that neumes are so much easier to read than modern notation. You don't have to count, and all you have to know is your solfege.

One accomplishment we had this year with the Ordinary Form was to learn the Kyrie from Orbis Factor using the neumes.

Many, many thanks to Jeff Ostrowski and the good folks at Corpus Christi Watershed for their dedication in providing us with tools to re-enchant the Mass.

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