Monday, November 30, 2009

Must suck carbon from air to avert disaster

~via Times Online. The sky is falling, disaster is coming and it's man's fault!!!!! The IPCC chief says:
“There are enough technologies in existence to allow for mitigation,” he said. “At some point we will have to cross over and start sucking some of those gases out of the atmosphere.”
How? Here's how:
Dr Pachauri raised the prospect of so-called geo-engineering, whereby carbon dioxide is actively stripped from the atmosphere. A range of techniques have been proposed including seeding artificial clouds over oceans to reflect sunlight back into space, sowing the oceans with iron ore to boost plankton growth and using carbon capture and storage technology to fix emissions from power stations.
Dr. Pachauri, dude, planting a tree is, erm, even simpler. Oh, wait, you're thinking ahead of me here. Artificial trees, you say?
These 12m boxes, filled with absorbent materials, soak up and store carbon. The devices, which could be placed by roads, would be emptied regularly and the carbon buried. About 100,000 artificial trees would require about 600 hectares of land, but the carbon that they remove from the atmosphere would be equivalent to all the non-stationary and dispersed emissions to the UK
I still say planting REAL trees is easier. Oh, and did you check those Climategate e-mails by any chance? You have? And you say, it's, gasp! A corporate conspiracy! Of course, corporations are always at fault!
Dr Pachauri, speaking to The Times on Saturday before travelling to Paris to brief President Sarkozy, suggested that the fossil fuel lobby could be behind a hacking incident last month that led to the publication of thousands of leaked e-mails between climate scientists. He said that it was entirely possible that “corporate interests” had had a hand in the leak.
It's the leak, stupid. Right? Nothing about the FALSIFYING and other shenanigans that those climate scientists cooked up, right? Nothing to see, off we go to Copenhagen.

Just say NO! NOPEnhagen.

P.S. Note to scaremongers, why don't you try not breathing out if you're so concerned about CO2 emissions. There's plenty of hot air coming out of you guys that's positively toxic for freedom-loving people. You want to know about conspiracy? Check the end of your nose.

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Aelric said...

Sadly, NCSU has invited this tool of World Government and scientific hypocrisy as its Fall 09 commencement speaker (along with the award of an honorary degree).