Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Media Watch: Tired Old Cliches

Okay, in a news item today about how Google, YouTube and Facebook are meeting with prelates in Europe about social media, here's what The Telegraph tells us:
Steeped in history, the Church often struggles to explain its outlook and Pope Benedict XVI has in recent months been mired in controversy over remarks about the role condoms can play in halting the spread of Aids and his decision to rehabilitate a Holocaust-denying British bishop.
Oops, they forget the "God's Rotweiller", "former Nazi Youth", and "doctrinal enforcer". Also, they missed the Galileo thing (because if you're going to talk about science/technology and the Church, somehow Galileo gets trotted out as proof that the Church is anti-science.) Tsk, tsk, they're slipping. Oh, but wait, he's not all that much of a Luddite because we learn:
The conference is the latest in a series of moves by the Pope, who uses an iPod and a laptop computer, to engage with modern technology.
Series of moves toward what? Engage with modern technology. Time to put away the smoke signals, I guess.

Just in case you've missed it, The Vatican is on YouTube. It does have a channel subscription. You even have a choice of four languages. Imagine that!

Forgive my snarkiness. Whenever the media sneak in stupid stuff like above, I get very testy.

Who knows, maybe soon Papa will have his own Facebook fan page. We'll get to keep up with him via his status updates. Wooo!

Imagine what His Holiness' status updates might look like:

"Saying Divine Office"

"Chatting with Georg"

"Drowning in paper work"

"Having a few friends over for an ad limina"

Do you think he'd get hooked on Mafia Wars or Farmville? What if he authored a quiz, what would it be?

"Which Pontiff are you?" (Oh, wait, that's been done)
"Which religious order do you belong to?" (Hmmmm....that's been done)
"Title of my next encylical" (Oh, yeah!)

We can all send him Flair. Like the button that says: I only meant to be here 15 minutes.

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