Monday, November 16, 2009


My pastor's exhortation to me last night for this week is: Be very careful of the Devil and his attacks.

Missa Solemnis is coming up this Sunday. It has been our experience that the Enemy likes to throw things our way ahead of a Missa Cantata or Missa Solemnis just to distract us, to make us stumble in our celebration of the traditional rite. Everything from power going out, to cars breaking down on the way, printers breaking down, people at strife with one another, attacking the health of altar servers, any opportunity where pride would have a chance to be puffed up.

Why does the Devil hate this Mass so?

Now, there's the Bishops' Conference debating ad nauseum the same tired, old excuses why we shouldn't have translations that are reverent, elevating, solemn. No, we must have street language. So that people can understand what's going on.

My question again for the bishops: We've had decades of wretched English translations and yet the slide in Catholics attending Mass and belief in the Real Presence has slipped precipitously. Why? If the Mass was more understandable in the dynamic translations we've all had to endure, why are the numbers plummeting?

Do we really understand the Mass? If we truly did, we would fall on our faces and our hearts would be pierced by the love so generously poured out for us. And we would do everything we can to be present in mind, body, and spirit.

Anima Christi, sanctifica me. Corpus Christi, salva me. Sanguis Christi, inebria me. Aqua lateris Christi, lava me. Passio Christi, conforta me. O bone Jesu, exaudi me. Intra tua vulnera absconde me. Ne permittas me separari a te. Ab hoste maligno defende me. In hora mortis meae voca me. Et iube me venire ad te, ut cum Sanctis tuis laudem te. In saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Body of Christ, save me. Blood of Christ, inebriate me. Water from the side of Christ, wash me. Passion of Christ, strengthen me. O good Jesus, hear me. Within Thy wounds hide me. Separated from Thee let me never be. From the malicious enemy defend me. In the hour of my death call me. And bid me come unto Thee. That I may praise Thee with Thy saints and with Thy angels. Forever and ever. Amen
For the record, the Devil has already sent his first salvo, and it is always my pride that is the first entry. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison.

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Dan Hunter said...

May St. Michael he Archangel defend all priests from the snares of the devils and may the Immaculate Conception crush the head of Satan.