Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catholic Choirbook and Other Resources

Not from the giant OCP or GIA, but from Frog Music Press

Check out www.theCatholicChoirbook.com

To see the pdf, click here.

If you're sick and tired of the same old banal fare for choral anthems, try this one for size. All the music is in public domain and the publishers have released it under Creative Commons (the new way of publishing!)

Volume II is in the works.

For a discussion on the Choirbook and why it came about, click here to read at Musica Sacra.

There is no reason to be enslaved by the big publishing houses that perpetrate bad music. There are numerous resources out there for little or no money.

CPDL. Bookmark it! Find really good music there. My music budget at church is minuscule. This site is a true gift.

Chabanel Psalms
All the Sundays are up there with choice of settings. There are even sound files for practice, and congregation insert graphic files. For free. Do consider donating.

Musica Sacra. Do you need music for Communion antiphons? Hymns in public domain because you don't have license to reprint music? Go there.

. This is an ongoing project to post Propers for each Sunday in the usus antiquior.

. If you want to chant Propers for the Novus Ordo Mass and your parish is desiring to restore reverence to this Mass, check out this site.

CanticaNova. At another parish where I worked, we used the OCP Liturgical planning site where you clicked on the part of the liturgy, say, "Gathering song" and a list of suggested music would come up. I refused to use this site and used CanticaNova instead. Oh, and you can buy music from them written by composers who have a desire for continuity with tradition.

Forward, ho!

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