Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bells to ring for global climate change

~via Breitbart. On December 13, we learn that the WCC has this to suggestion:
"On that Sunday, midway through the UN summit, the WCC invites churches around the world to use their bells, drums, gongs or whatever their tradition offers to call people to prayer and action in the face of climate change," the council said in a statement.

"By sounding their bells or other instruments 350 times, participating churches will symbolise the 350 parts per million that mark the safe upper limit for CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere according to many scientists," it added."
Nuts. Fruitcakes. I shudder to think how many Catholic Churches will participate in this fiasco. The WCC program executive had this to say:
"Those who support the campaign see the care of creation and of people's lives and livelihoods threatened by climate change more as an ethical and spiritual issue that, of course, has political implications, not in a partisan sense but referring to the common good," he explained.
How about the care of little fragile creatures called babies in their mothers' wombs? You know, the ones that are annihilated to the tune of 40 Million per year around the globe. How about that, O Grand Poohbah? Let's try this experiment, why not ring the bells, one for each baby destroyed through abortion. I'd say that would be a deafening thing.


Dan Hunter said...

"Very Masonic", as St Maximillian Kolbe would say.

DimBulb said...

But...but...what about all the noise pollution this will cause? What about all the poor dogs who will make themselves hoarse howling at the sound? What about all the little birdie's who will be frightened into taking flight?

I guess greenies should consider it fortunate that this is only a call to churches and not to synagogues; rams have to die before a shofar can be made.

Oh, wait, are those drums he mentioned made with animal skins? And mother earth had to be raped in some way, shape or form to make those bells and gongs, right?

Argent said...

A veritable environmental disaster. Is PETA up in arms? And what's he advocating--there are some towns and cities that have banned ringing of bells. Is he encouraging delinquency?

Tsk, tsk.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

No worries. From the Catholic standpoint, parishes that would be likely to do this don't have anything but bats in the belfry (assuming they even have a belfry). No one can hear the rainstick and the Tibetan singing bowl from a distance anyway.

EbethW said...

As I have been saying for a few months now, our WORLD needs a miracle.

Hope you guys are doing well.