Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anglican Ordinariate

From the reading of Anglicanorum cœtbus, it appears that my family and I are eligible to become part of this Ordinariate. However, I'm too much of a Latin Rite Catholic to think of changing. (Pssst, don't even mention this to my pastor, he'll freak)

Another friend (who swam the Tiber recently and who is a treasured colleague) and I were exchanging emails about the possibility of becoming part of this Ordinariate. We both agreed that God has called us to be where we are, but that won't stop us from re-patriating Anglican music.

Are y'all ready to learn Anglican chant? I heard Catholics Can't Sing. Anglican chant is addictive. Really.

Imagine what can be done to "On Eagle's Wings" in Anglican chant. "Gather Us In" "Be Not Afraid".

Yes, let's allow Anglican patrimony to infect modern Catholic music.


Patricia Cecilia said...

PFFT! {cough} I don't know that this application of Anglican chant was what I had in mind regarding "repatriation"!--probably more along the lines of Vaughan Williams and Mathias and Howells (talk about ineffable). But I may have to send this link to my pastor as a counter-offering to "No mo' bacon" for the next chant workshop...

Argent said...

I think we should definitely serenade him sometime. Maybe we can point some of the sentences of Summorum Pontificum.

Sally Thomas said...

Total agreement here. Yeah, a chant rendering of "Eagles' Wings" . . . that would either make it almost bearable, or kill it off once and for all.

We're also former Anglicans who've -- well, *I've* -- pushed the Anglican music (and real, traditional Catholic music which I learned as an Anglican) hard on my little parish choir o'six. They'd never heard "My Song is Love Unknown," for example, and now it's a favorite. We sang it, with weeping, during Holy Week.

Fortunately we have a pastor who loves and knows music and is good at liturgy . . . it's a great blessing not to be having to push things past Father, but to have him thrilled that the music is finally starting to fit with the rest of the liturgy.

And we'd also be eligible for the Ordinariate, though I have no desire, either, to go that way. Conversion is conversion, and I love being a Latin-Rite Catholic. My husband, as a former priest, might well seek ordination now that there are norms which make that process, hopefully, smoother and less ambiguous, but otherwise, nah . . .

I'll have to find the link again, but surely you've heard that Anglican-Chant weather report?