Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 Abortuaries Close in Massachusetts

~via CitizenLink
All the abortion clinics in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts have closed.

NARAL Pro Choice America said it's because of the pro-life movement has cast a negative light on abortion. Pro-life advocates say that's only half-right.

Ann Fox, president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, said most of the stigma is within the medical community.

"It's not interesting, it's not life-saving," she said, "it's not any of the things that doctors go into medicine for."

Dr. Patty Giebink was an abortionist for Planned Parenthood in the 1990s, but had a change of heart. She's now a strong voice for life.

"The people who are still doing abortions, many of them are lying and are in it for the money," she said. "They don't care about women."

She noted the reasons people are pro-abortion are coming apart at the seams.

In the past several months, Planned Parenthood has announced the closing of several abortion clinics, including six in El Paso, Texas, and another six in Indiana.
Keep up the prayers, everyone! Be a beacon for life. Closures don't happen overnight, but by faith through prayer, fasting, and sacrifice it can happen. Remember the mustard seed parable. If we had faith that small, God promised that we could move mountains. With God everything is possible. It's good to remember this in humility. We can't change people's hearts. It is the Holy Spirit who does this.

The local abortuary where my family and I go to silently protest continues to do business at a brisk pace. It is heartbreaking to see families go in there with young ones in tow, to see which ethnic groups are most frequently represented with each "client".

What do we have to sacrifice in reparation? Our love, our time, our prayers, our wounded hearts. Even if our efforts do not directly save a life, we are there to grieve for the lost children, to offer a Requiem for their immortal souls. Our eyes might not see the work of charity happening, but our presence at the abortuary is necessary. Each of those souls is loved by God who made them.

If you've never considered what you can do to bring about the end of abortion, please consider joining forces with fellow parishioners and go to an abortuary to pray. Your presence is a strong witness for life. And if they trot out signs that try to mock you, then you'll know that you're getting to them.

This past weekend, there was a lawn sign at the abortuary that said: Do not stop in the driveway for the picketers. At other times, the workers bring out a huge banner that states: How many children have been abused by priests since 1973?

Endure the taunts and derision, offer them up for the conversion of hearts of abortionists and abortion workers. The saints are united with you. Do not be afraid.

Why do I keep posting on pro-life protests? I was struck by what Archbishop Timothy Dolan said recently:
When our critics—and their name is legion—criticize us for being passionate, stubborn, almost obsessed with protecting the human rights of the baby in the womb, they intend it as an insult. I take it as a compliment.


DimBulb said...

NARAL Pro Choice America said it's because of the pro-life movement has cast a negative light on abortion.

The mangled corpses of infants and pro-abortion signs reading "I'll do it with my bare hands" probably had a part to play. Also, the flavor of the week "moral justifications" which have come into vogue and gone out of style for lack of intellectual foundation is certainly a factor.

Argent said...

I had not seen those signs. Wow, just wow.

Emotionalism rules the day, I'm afraid. Feelings trump logic.