Tuesday, October 20, 2009

USCCB response to Apostolic Constitution

~from the USCCB site:
"Today the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has received word of the new Provision in the form of an apostolic constitution issued by the Holy See for the reception into full communion with the Catholic Church of groups from the Anglican tradition. The USCCB stands ready to collaborate in the implementation of that Provision in our country.

"This step by the Holy See is in response to a number of requests received in Rome from groups of Anglicans seeking corporate reunion. The application of the new Provision recognizes the desire of some Anglicans (Episcopalians) to live the Catholic faith in full, visible communion with the See of Peter, while at the same time retaining some elements of their traditions of liturgy, spirituality and ecclesial life which are consistent with the Catholic faith.

"This Provision, at the service of the unity of the Church, calls us as well to join our voices to the Priestly Prayer of Jesus that ‘all may be one’ (Jn 17:21) as we seek a greater communion with all our brothers and sisters with whom we share Baptism. For forty-five years, our Episcopal Conference has engaged in ecumenical dialogue with The Episcopal Church, which is the historic Province of the Anglican communion in North America. The Catholic Bishops of the United States remain committed to seeking deeper unity with the members of The Episcopal Church by means of theological dialogue and collaboration in activities that advance the mission of Christ and the welfare of society.”


Mark in Spokane said...

What an underwhelming statement by the American ecclesiastical bureacracy...

The Holy Spirit blows where He wills, and with Pope Benedict's statement today, the doors are now open for those traditional Anglicans who wish reunion with Rome to have it with charity and fellowship, retaining as much of their Anglican identity as is consonant with Catholic faith and order. This is a great day!

This is the type of ecumenism the times call for -- a bold stand to overcome the entrenched divisions of the professional ecumenical racket. The Pope has taken a courageous step forward in faith towards a reconciliation with those of our separated brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion.

Sad the USCCB can't celebrate that.

Lazy Disciple said...

Dear Mark, Argent:

I think you are looking at this the wrong way.

The Vatican's own announcement was extremely muted - deliberately understated. Abp Nichols and Dr Williams held a joint presser in London, during which there was ample space for Williams to spin the thing in his favor.

The US Bishops were tapping into this tone.

This is, as Card. Levada said (roughly), a victory for the cause of Christian unity.

Think of the statement as the knockout punch a fighter forebears to give to a clearly defeated opponent.

It is good sportsmanship.