Monday, October 26, 2009

Preparing for All Souls Missa Cantata

The Propers for All Souls Day are really quite beautiful. If you're looking for a resource to learn the chants for All Souls' Day Mass, check out brought to you by the excellent people of Corpus Christi Watershed who've also given us the Chabanel Psalms. The sheet music of all Propers are there including mp3 files to help in learning the chants. The source for the chants are from Graduale Romanum and Chant Abreges, very nice if you're not quite up to doing the full melismatic Alleluia (like for those times when you have an impromptu Missa Cantata)

Also, has the Propers posted here.

What a marvelous gift open source is. No more subservience to liturgical press monopolies. A God-send, too, in times of budget-cutting measures.

Oh, and as always, check out Musica Sacra! While you're there, do peruse the Parish Book of English Hymns. To sample new hymns, here's a plug for the new hymn O Taste and You Will See music by Colin Brumby and text by Kathleen Pluth. There are hymns in public domain also. So if you're tired of wretched translations to venerable hymns forced down our throats by above-mentioned monopolies, do yourself a favor and bookmark the page.


Dan Hunter said...

Will there be Missa Cantata at OLPH for All Souls Day?

Argent said...

Monday, November 2 at 7 pm.

Dan Hunter said...


Thank you.

Ephrem said...

Argent, thanks for the shoutout. K. Pluth