Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do-nothing President?

~from American Thinker, lots of meat to chew on:
Do nothing? This man is systematically taking a wrecking ball to our economy...and this before his planned government takeover of the health care and energy sectors. Do nothing? Obama has never met a tyrant he wouldn't appease, seemingly clueless to the lessons of history that such behavior puts us all in grave danger.

No, far from being a do-nothing president, Obama is in fact a busy body of the worst sort: He is bombing the moon instead of Iran's nuclear facilities; he deploys himself to Europe to help bring the Olympics to Chicago, but fails to deploy the troops necessary to win the war in Afghanistan. And it is our children who will pay the price for all of this -- they will live with a maniacal Islamist regime blackmailing the free world with nuclear weapons; they will struggle to pay this enormous and disgraceful debt that Obama is shoveling onto their backs.

Conservatives who believe that Obama is politically impotent are dangerously mistaken. Yes, the president has had some bumps along the road. But the delayed closing of Guantanamo, the August town hall uprisings; these are temporary, tactical victories at best.

Barack Obama may not get everything he wants, but make no mistake - his policies are statist in design, intent, and effect. Just because he won't achieve total success doesn't mean he can't cripple the Republic in the trying.
Thanks a lot, those of you who voted for Hope and Change. Happy now? Your kids and grandkids won't thank you.

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