Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Art of Manliness

I, a skirt-wearing, shoe-loving, mantilla-draped female, am a big fan of this site, The Art of Manliness. Metrosexual men, take note. What is the art of manliness, you ask? Check out one of the articles (as a mom to two Eagle Scouts and one-more-in-the-making, married to an Eagle Scout, and daughter-in-law to an Eagle Scout), this is up there with manly skills....playing with fire.
The Snack Fire.

Sometimes you just need a fire big enough to warm a pot of coffee or fry the afternoon’s catch. Or perhaps you’re not setting up permanent camp at a stop. You don’t want a fire that’s so big that cleaning it up when you leave consumes too much time. Enter the snack fire. The snack fire is just a basic tepee fire lay. It’s small, but very efficient.
See, if all you do is go through a drive-thru lane to pick up your charbroiled snack, you'll never know the joys of building the quintessential snack fire. Then, too, you'll need to know how to build a cooking fire. The ultimate test is to see it going even while it's raining. Now, that's manly.

Check out The Art of Manliness!


thedivinelamp said...

How would you rate Bear Grylls?

Argent said...

Well, if I'm ever lost and starving in the bush, I'll be sure to look in a log. But, first, must build a snack fire! Those grubs definitely need toasting.