Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Apologies to my readers for the lack of substantial posts lately. School starts next week and so the race is on for us teachers. Long days and long nights of preparation. Summer heat has finally arrived here which makes the short hike from the office to the car an enervating experience. It's incomprehensible to think that in month, we'll be unpacking sweaters that we just put away.

We survived the spending bacchanalia of the past weekend. The smell of crayons wasn't enough to take the edge off of the annoying long lines at Staples. I loved the yearly end-of-summer ritual of buying crayons as a child. The new Crayolas were among my prized possessions. As the school year progressed, I remember carefully peeling back the wrapper to sharpen them and then using up the shavings to create some other work of art. These days, it's all about iPods, and cellphones, and laptop computers. The thrill of crayons is gone, I'm afraid, relegated to another time and place.

On the catechist front, RCIA moves on to the catechumenate stage. Soon, there'll be a baptism or two for a couple of people who desperately need the Sacrament. I'm trying to convince one of the gentlemen to be baptized in the Old Rite, the beauty and power of the whole rite just seems so right for someone who's waited all his life to become a Christian. The use of exorcised salt, the laying on of the priest's stole, the words of exorcism....powerful stuff.

Along with the inexorable return to school, there are three joyous events in the life of friends. One who took on the Dominican habit last Saturday on the Feast of St. Dominic, another who'll be entering the Passionist Nuns in Whitesville, KY, and the third who'll be entering the Poor Clares in Arizona. It has been a privilege to share in their path of discernment, praying for them, listening to them in the late hours of the night while they tried to listen to the Divine Spouse.

Life is good!


DimBulb said...

Putting an iPod or cellphone through the washer and dryer is much less messy than a crayon, yet somehow it makes mothers more upset. There's just no pleasing this class of people.

Argent said...

Ha!!! We moms are irascible when it comes to laundry. Period. But bits of fried cellphones and crayons are God's way of making us humble and more patient. Kind of like Br. Lawrence's washing pots. In the melted mess of wax and circuit boards, we're supposed to see Christ.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Life is good! I had the Crayola 64 pack as a kid-with the sharpener on the side-good times, good times...