Friday, August 07, 2009


So much for hopey-changey.

ClunkerCare meets with angry crowds.

Oh, yeah, I'm part of the angry peeps, but I've not received a check in the mail. No organizer called me. And yes, I do have half a brain.

Say No to Clunker, er, ObamaCare. Both from the mind of the most intelligent president ever.


Carlo said...

I enjoy reading your blog. But I do resent the fact that you seem to think and indicate that Mr. Obama is somehow un Christian. Frankly, the worst excesses of the Church occurred when the Church took part in politics. We all know that. Look at the 9th, 10th, 11th Centuries. How about the Renaissance? Anyhow. . .
What's the matter with Mr. Obama? He's a socialist? What do you think Jesus and the disciples were? They shared everything! What do you think the proper practice of monasticism is? It's Socialist! The monks shared everything! A true Christian is a Socialist! It's certainly not our fault that Karl Marx perverted something that can and would work but for the greed of people in general. Unfortunately the original sin of our first parents has been passed down to us.
I believe in our Redemption by the life, death and Resurrection of the Lord. I believe that our Redemption has created a large tent, not a small one that excludes those of us who choose to believe that certain practices are well within the practice of our faith and belief of our faith!
Catholicism must be just that, Catholic & expansive, not regressive.
Yes, I believe Barack Obama is on the right path, not the mendacious, phony path by his so-called "Christian" predecessor.


Argent said...

Jesus.Was.Not.A.Socialist. To reduce him to a political idea is to bring him down to our level.

And your Obama is not a Christian when he advocates funding for the outright slaughter of children in the womb. There is no other issue that supersedes this one mortal sin that cries to heaven for vengeance.

Don't cry to me about sharing and Marxism...which, by the way, has FAILED everywhere it has been established. Um, dead bodies littering the dust bin of history to the tune of millions. Got that? Millions. And continues to this day when Marxism, that is, atheism, denial of God, is the driving force behind government.

Oh, nice swipe with church history. As if wielding that club somehow excuses the support for the unCommon Ground of which Mr. Obama speaks out of one side of his mouth but advocates the killing out of the other side.

Do not dare call this direction our country is taking as the right direction when religious rights are being trampled upon. Try 3,000 babies per day being slaughtered with the outright support and approval of this president. There is no common ground upon which we stand. Not when one class of individuals are expendable for the sake of convenience.