Monday, August 17, 2009

New RCIA Class

...two men from the Anglican tradition, one who's been married to a cradle Catholic for almost thirty years, and another who could no longer tolerate the lack of authority. The latter gentleman has been spiritually fed by the programs and televised Masses on EWTN. He contacted Catholics Come Home, who then forwarded his email to me.

Pray for the instruction team in your parish and for those seeking to enter the Church. The step to obey the Lord by coming into full communion is often marked by some serious obstacles. The candidates/catechumens undergo heavy spiritual attacks. Especially for those being received into the Church, the first Confession is such a time of spiritual attacks.

Pray for the catechists that they be faithful to teaching the Catholic Faith and not some watered-down version that makes it palatable to people. There's nothing more frustrating than meeting converts and hearing them say, "How come I didn't learn that in RCIA?" D'oh. Catechists, you have this one chance to teach the Faith. Don't be a wimp. So teach what the Church teaches about Real Presence. Teach about mortal sin, about fasting, about disciplines, all that stuff that you think people might be afraid of are exactly what people need to separate themselves from this sick world. Why should they make a change of religion? Oh, and don't forget about what the Church teaches about contraception and abortion.

I shall now get off my Monday soapbox.

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