Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Motu Proprio Ecclesiae Unitatem

Click here to read the whole thing in Latin.

1. Ecclesiae unitatem tueri, ut sollicite omnibus suppeditentur subsidia ad huic vocationi divinaeque gratiae consentaneis rationibus respondendum, peculiarem in modum Petri Apostoli Successoris est munus, qui perpetuum est et visibile principium fundamentumque unitatis tum Episcoporum tum fidelium [1]. Primum praecipuumque Ecclesiae officium omni tempore, id est homines ad Deum conveniendum perducere, iuvandum est per communem omnium christianorum fidei testificationem.

In Italian:
1. Il compito di custodire l'unità della Chiesa, con la sollecitudine di offrire a tutti gli aiuti per rispondere nei modi opportuni a questa vocazione e grazia divina, spetta in modo particolare al Successore dell'Apostolo Pietro, il quale è il perpetuo e visibile principio e fondamento dell'unità sia dei Vescovi che dei fedeli1. La priorità suprema e fondamentale della Chiesa, in ogni tempo, di condurre gli uomini verso l’incontro con Dio deve essere favorita mediante l'impegno di giungere alla comune testimonianza di fede di tutti i cristiani.

In English via Rorate Caeli:
1.The goal of guarding the UNITY OF THE CHURCH, with the solicitousness of offering to all the aid to responding in opportune manner to this vocation and divine grace, belongs in a particular way to the Successor of the Apostle Peter, who is the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of the unity both of Bishops and of the faithful1. The supreme and fundamental priority of the Church, in every age, of leading men towards the encounter with God must be favored through the effort of uniting the common witness of faith of all Christians.

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Dan Hunter said...

Article 7 of the "Motu Proprio".

"7. With this decision I wish in particular to show paternal solicitude towards the Society of Saint Pius X, with the aim of rediscovering the full communion of the Church."

To show this "paternal solicitude towards the Society of St Pius X", I would expect that the Holy Father understands that the average man in the pews at an FSSPX Mass does not know that the Society does not have faculties to hear confessions, and therefore the Holy Father, it would make sense, and hopefully, would either provide faculties to the Society, or state that considering the crisis situation that jurisdiction is supplied.

Most average people at Society Masses, observe a priest go into a confessional and a line form in front of it.
At that point,Most Catholics would assume that confessions are being heard.
Most of these good people do not read blogs or this website or that one, and have no idea that, that confession line is forming for confessions to a priest that cannot normally absolve.

In the Holy Fathers great concern for these souls should he not allow them to have their sins be absolved by the priest?

I know from personal experience that many people just do not have reasonable access to a priest with faculties, and when they do go to one, as is the case in my experience, the priest either tells them that their objective and subjective mortal sin is no sin at all, or he uses an invalid form of absolution.

Would not the Holy Father show "paternal solicitude" to these men by granting some form of supplied jurisdiction to their confessors.

Salvation of souls is the penultimate order at hand after all.

God bless the Holy Father
and God bless the FSSPX!