Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Basque Country

Beautiful, mysterious. I fell in love with the people, the landscape, the food. The language is inscrutable. If ever I needed to be in a witness protection program, this is where I'd get lost. The Basque were never conquered by the Romans, and the Visigoths left them alone. The Mohametans ignored them.

Did I say lush? Ferns carpeting the forest floor.

The coast is spectacularly breathtaking.

A roadside shrine. It was just after a series of white-knuckle hairpin twists on the coastal highway.

A hillside cemetery.

End of the road.

The casa rural where we stayed.


Mark in Spokane said...

More incredible photos -- what incredible countryside...

We have a large Basque population in the Pacific Northwest, concentrated largely around Boise, Idaho. The Treasure Valley, though, doesn't look anything like the places you are photographing.

St. Ignatius Loyola was a Basque, if memory serves.

Thanks again for posting the great photos!

Argent said...

So was St. Francis Xavier!

We visited Bolivar, where Simon Bolivar's family was from and there's a monument claiming Bolivar as their own.

We also hunted down hermitages of saints in Basque country. Beautiful, beautiful settings.

You could understand why these saints retreated from the world to spend time in prayer there.