Monday, June 15, 2009

El Camino de Santiago

Here is a small portion of the Camino along what is known as the French route. A pilgrim picks up his credentials at the border between France and Spain in Roncesvalles, comes down the Pyrenees, walks the blistering plain, and then up the Cordillera Cantabrica only to face more mountains in Galicia. We only walked in the Navarre area since our time was limited. Someday, I'd like to return and walk the route from Roncesvalles to Santiago. First, I have to earn a month of vacation!

Sign that you looked for while on El Camino. What looks like a yellow starburst is a stylized shell on its side. The yellow arrows were for pilgrims on foot.

In Navarre

Flowers along the route

A church in a village along the route in Navarre

In Nájera

Open stretches

Entering Castile y León. Very nice map showing all the towns through the region.

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Rita said...

Hi was searching for Camino blogs and found this entry . I love the photos. Thanks for sharing.
I am training for my first camino in September. Can't wait. I am a 62 year old female. My family is having fits. They think I have gone over the edge. but this is something I must do.