Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 Honest Things About Myself

Well, having been nominated twice for this award, should I give 10 things or 10 times 2?

I try not to reveal too much about myself on this 'blog unless it has something to do with my work as a church musician. You can probably guess what things I consider important through my previous posts or looking over my sidebar. If you glance through the categories, you'll see that there are a lot of things that interest me. Out of fairness to those who've been following this little 'blog for years, it's time to reveal something of myself.

Thanks to Vir Speluncae Catholicus and to the Divine Lamp (oh, no, is that fur flying? Please, fur doesn't go with my black couch.)

1. I drive a battered black five-speed stick-shift Dodge Neon. I used to drive a silver convertible sports car, but the neighborhood where I work made it increasingly unsafe for me to drive around such a conspicuous car. Considering one seminarian who was staying with us one summer got beaten up and his car stolen, a nondescript scratched up car is perfect camouflage.

2. I love Eucharistic Adoration and Processions. A friend called me an Adoration junkie once.

3. I think that surfing and being online has made me a little duller intellectually. That's why I am trying to curtail my time online. Am I successful? No comment.

4. Question or comment that will earn you logorrhea from me: But why does Father have to turn his back to us?

5. My organ shoes are bright gold. I'm thinking of getting a red pair for Red Calendar Days...

6. I don't think I have enough books.

7. I don't think I have enough bookshelves.

8. I try hard not to roll my eyes or get exasperated while playing for N.O. Masses. It's not what Father does. It's what others do in "active participation" that drive me crazy. I asked him once if he noticed and he said, "No, I'm concentrating hard on Our Eucharistic Lord."

9. I am, by nature, more of a hermit than people realize. I can go for days without needing to encounter anyone but my family. It takes me days to recover from a whole weekend of being around people. Don't call me on Mondays because the phone will ring off the hook.

10. The coolest thing that's ever happened to me is being in Rome for a Corpus Christi procession with Pope Benedict...surrounded by all kinds of Catholics from all over the world (oh, and a token Protestant here and there).

Okay, I'm supposed to give this Honest Scrap Award to some other bloggers. Hmmm.
Holy Cookie, have you done this one yet? Quantitative Metathesis, before you go off to your hidden life! Ubi Petrus, is a moving target (*snirt*). CUAguy, who has just a few days left before he starts his summer job. Mike Liccione who constantly challenges the way I think. Philip, but he's on his way to France so he probably will just ignore me. Cathy, here's something to cheer you up...winning an award!


Anonymous said...


Glad you are back. I knew you were taking a respite from the blog several months ago. Have always enjoyed the beauty and serenity of your blog.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Arg (LOL!) I cracked up Sego!

I'm stunned by your "back" revelation. I picked you for a super trad! /my bad

Actually, you sound like Terry Nelson in #9! LOL!