Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the Other Side of Easter

We're well into the third week of Easter and I've been thinking through the lessons from Lent. I must confess that I'd fallen short once again of my Lenten ideals. But nevertheless, my Lent was fruitful in many unexpected ways, not from my striving to achieve the ideals, but because scales fell from my eyes and I saw grace everywhere.

Christ came to me as a beggarman and through him, I learned the lessons of what simple friendship means. He had a patience with me that I did not have for myself. And his intensity in prayer shed a new light to "pray without ceasing", even if a hundred children thunder past you, God is the object and therefore the din is irrelevant.

He has disappeared now that we are in the Easter season, the other side of the Lenten desert. Actually, I noticed his absence during the Holy Triduum. I expected him to be front row and his absence made me more acutely aware of the Passion of Christ. Strange timing.

So much was required at my job during Lent that I was burning the proverbial candle at both ends. This taught me a reliance on God's Providence. It's all too easy for me, in my prideful way, to be certain of my prowess with certain tasks. But Lent stripped that from me. People would appear at unexpected times to help me with my tasks. I am all too used to doing things my way. It's easier and faster, more efficient. Allowing others to help may have taken longer, but it was their offering for the body of Christ in their own small way. Because they did those tasks with eagerness and not resentment, it was ennobling to allow them a small part in the running of the parish.

I'm still very tired from the exertions of Passiontide and then Easter. Still, the life of our parish goes on with funerals and baptisms and weddings. We enter into the season of Confirmation and First Communion. Ah, the rhythm of church life. I need to enjoy it before we settle into the long green season of Ordinary Time, which is never ordinary when you see God's grace sprinkled throughout the day.

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Cathy_of_Alex said...

Absolutely: Nothing Ordinary about "Ordinary" time just like there is, nor should there be, anything ordinary about our lives.