Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Voice of the Faithful link in CT Bill

~from NC Register by Tom Hoopes....getting to the heart of this piece of very bad legislation, we see, surprise, surprise, some dissenting Catholics.
Senate Bill 1098 was quickly labeled as payback to the bishops for the defense of marriage. But it may be worse than that: It may be part of a Voice of the Faithful strategy to “democratize” the Church. This is Voice of the Faithful’s plan that would gut the Church’s structure.

At annual meetings in Connecticut (at Fairfield University, for one place), Voice of the Faithful has been much more open about what it wants than it had been hitherto. Leaders in the movement dissent from bottom-line Catholic issues from women’s ordination to the sinfulness of homosexual acts to abortion. They also want to change Church structure (as a first step to changing Church doctrine, maybe?).

I’ve been told to expect professors from Fairfield University and Fordham to testify at the March 11 Hartford hearing—FOR the bill. They will make a historical “Catholic” case for a new parish structure that bypasses bishops. (Think Pelosi’s tangled logic on “when life begins” applied to the question “what is a parish?”)

Parish finance scandals will be used as a club to goad the Church to throw the baby — its very structure — out with the bathwater — the abuses of that structure.

This story
helps set the stage. Notice the Voice of the Faithful members quoted in it who aren’t identified as such.
That this bill was written by two trial lawyers, who very well know the Constitution, and yet propose it should let you know how much the Constitution means these days. Oh, and didn't they take an oath to defend the Constitution when they were sworn in as legislators? Hmmmm......

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