Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Response by Lawlor and McDonald

~from the sponsors of the Connecticut Bill altering how the Catholic Church is to be run in CT. Here's the duo explaining.
With that in mind, it would serve no useful purpose to have a conversation about changing the laws that govern existing Roman Catholic corporations until we know if any of these existing laws are constitutional. At the request of the proponents who are advocating this legislation, we have decided to cancel the public hearing for tomorrow, table any further consideration of this bill for the duration of this session, and ask the Attorney General his opinion regarding the constitutionality of the existing law that sets different rules for five named separate religions....

In the meantime, we think it would be most beneficial if the proponents who requested these changes and church officials meet together privately to see if they can come to a resolution on their own. Open and honest communication between these two groups could only help. For our part, we intend to reach out to representatives of the Catholic Conference and continue the discussion that began in 2008 on this issue. We hope they will agree to meet with us.
How about you keep your interfering nose out of the Church's affairs? How about the dissenting Catholics learn a bit about their Faith? How about....sigh, I've broken one of my Lenten disciplines of staying calm.

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