Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kmiec again

This image was part of the USCCB poster in the Stop FOCA campaign. I'm using it everytime Doug Kmiec opines about how abortion will be reduced under this administration. Here's what his latest response is in US News:
...I am especially pleased that the President deliberately highlighted at the national prayer breakfast the abortion reduction expectations he has for this Office. I have great expectations for this Office, and I am looking forward to many constructive efforts that will involve many people at the most local levels in efforts that will assist their neighbors and involve us personally in our economic—which I believe must also be a cultural—recovery....

Of course, I am pleased that the FOCA [Freedom of Choice Act] "scare" has proven, as all of the President's strong supporters like me predicted, to be without foundation.[Methinks you speak too soon, Dougie. You didn't get the memo from those who said they'll introduce it soon. Oh, and how about bits and pieces of FOCA getting sneaked in here and there.] I continue to encourage the President's advisors to endorse the Pregnant Women's Support Act, or one of its companion measures, and specifically, the "life support center" provisions [you mean like Planned Parenthood?] which I helped in the drafting [how humble of you]. Of course, one of the first legislative achievements of this still very young administration was a reversal of the Congress' previous denial of the expansion of children's health care.

So the political antagonists of the President can "call me out" if they want [ooooh, calling for a duel?]; though, I think their time would be better spent seeing the larger picture [what can be larger than Life?] of the economic and related cultural challenges which face the nation and how the President brings great intelligence [You mean that famous intelligence that nominated all those stellar individuals to posts such as tax cheats, etc? Nice.] and open-mindedness to the needs of many who previously were invisible to the governmental process....

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