Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dedication of St. Thomas Aquinas College Chapel

~As you know, the chapel at St. Thomas Aquinas College in California was dedicated last weekend. It is a joy to see new buildings that one can truly say are beautiful. Photos courtesy of Duncan Stroik. Here's the portfolio link to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity of St. Thomas Aquinas College.


Baldacchino which reminds me of both San Pietro and Santa Maria Maggiore

Baldacchino and Dome

Detail, baldacchino


Inside confessional


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

Mark in Spokane said...

Great photos. What a magnificent new church in a classic style. What a blessing to see such a house of worship being built in this day and age.

Thanks for providing these wonderful pictures to us.


PatricktheRogue said...

Lovely to see a church look like a church in America. Having lived in Cyrpus for a few years, I have noticed the Greek churches retain the classic look whether they were built yesterday or four hundred years ago. Nice to see we Americans can still build something beautiful.