Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Father Z has a poll on the last time you went to confession. He says this for you to think about in case you're feeling embarrassed:
Confession and absolution repairs that rupture and returns you to a state of friendship with God.

Awareness of mortal sin should drive you to a confessional.

In our weakness we will sometimes put off going to confession. Perhaps fear or embarrassment keeps us away. Time slips by. Days become weeks become months become years.

Then you die and go to your judgment.

So … maybe the priest is not friendly or the confession schedule is a little narrow…. so what? A better confessor is some distance away… so? It is a little hard… not convenient… too much to do…. And?

What is a moment of embarrassment, what is an interruption of your oh-so-important routine compared to the eternity of heaven or of hell?

You do not know the moment when your reckoning will come, friends.

Have you fallen into the trap, willingly or innocently, of going to "general absolution" without making a confession of your sins in the proper way?

The Sacrament of Penance heals your soul, strengthens you against sin, and – simply on the basic level of peace of mind – works wonders.
About a month ago, someone pulled me aside at church and wanted to talk about Confession. She revealed to me that she had not gone in thirty years and there was something she was too embarrassed to tell anyone. She, a cradle Catholic, believed that one does not have to go to a priest to confess one's sins. So I explained to her briefly what Grace and Sacraments are. What separation from God is and receiving the Eucharist unworthily means. I was very relieved to see her at Confession bringing her family with her the following week. She has been asking me lots of questions about the faith and her one constant remark is this: "Why didn't anyone ever tell me?"

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Anonymous said...

"Why didn't anyone ever tell me?"

Because the exact people who are obliged in Charity to tell her, priests and religous, have dropped the ball.
Many of them are either, more concerned with finite human respect,
Not rocking the boat,
Do not believe themselves in the teaching of Christ,
have not been taught themselves the Truth.
Or, as Dr. Dietrich Von Hildebrand writes in his stunning book, "The Devastated Vineyard", "there are those within the Church who are actively trying to sabatoge Her."

God bless you for doing the work of God and teaching this lady the truth, in all Charity.
You will be greatly rewarded.