Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Doings

I attended the Ignited by Truth Conference this past weekend at the new venue, the Raleigh Convention Center. In previous years, it was held at Cardinal Gibbons High School. One of the first people I greeted was Bishop Burbidge who was standing by the Raleigh Diocese Office of Vocations table. It was awesome to express my filial affection and also to say hello to Fr. Ned Schlesinger and Brad Watkins of the Office of Vocations. And what joy to see our seminarians there in their sage green polo shirts with the diocesan logo.

To top off the weekend, a couple of the seminarians served at our Sunday Masses including the traditional Mass. There is nothing more invigorating than to see them in their cassocks and beautiful surplices (with lace, uh, huh!). I look forward to seeing them at the upcoming Chrism Mass and, Lord willing, the Bishop will send one or two of them to our parish for Easter Vigil.


Laura said...

It was WONDERFUL meeting you at last! And the Mass - oh, the Mass! It was one of the nicest OF Masses I've attended (mostly because there was no Haugen-Haas drek thrown about).

And our Bishop is a wonderful homilist!

I didn't get to hear any of our speakers - Fr. Ned is a good Confessor (bless him for accomodating my need while I was working!) - and it was simply splendid.

See you again soon, I hope!

Argent said...

Oh, I hope you ordered the CDs. If not, I did and would gladly share with you.

I didn't stay for the Mass because I had to play for Vigil Mass at home.

You'll have to come up and stay for a weekend and go to Mass here. You'd enjoy hearing the Introit chanted and the Psalm Gradual as well as during Holy Communion.

Our Bishop is indeed a wonderful homilist. He's like that in person, too. Every time I've interviewed him he always manages to say something that makes me think. And in our ordinary conversations, he's very much a spiritual father.