Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Way of Beauty

~via the New Liturgical Movement. Thomas More College launches a Sacred Arts Program.
The Thomas More College officially launched its Way of Beauty Art Program with the arrival of its new Artist-in-Residence last week.

David Clayton, a leading artist from Great Britain, is trained as both an iconographer and in the Western naturalistic tradition. He will spearhead the program, which will include on-campus lectures and mentorships, and may ultimately evolve into a fine arts major being offered at the College.

"The preservation of the sacred Catholic artistic tradition will be my guiding light as I serve Thomas More College and the Holy Catholic Church. I am especially looking forward to mentoring this generation of Catholic artists so that they can contribute to a new flourishing of the traditions of their predecessors, producing art that adheres to the timeless and sacred principles that comprise beautiful art, and which moves the hearts of those who see it to love of God and fellow man," Clayton said.

...The Way of Beauty Program will explore the vital role art plays in developing human spirituality. The Program will work toward creating a new generation of aspiring artists and patrons of the arts by teaching them practical art skills, the talent to apprehend beauty, and the ability to open up to inspiration from God. It will foster an understanding and appreciation of naturalism, iconography, abstract art, and art theory.
This is especially good news for one of my children who has the gift of art. Ever since she was a baby, she and I have pored over art books and I have collected a large image base of the lives of Jesus and Mary through masterpieces. She has been writing icons since she was five and her constant companion is an art journal. She has a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and composes many pictures, a visual litany to Our Lady, so to speak. I have worried about where to send her to receive training so this particular news has gladdened my heart. Here is one of hers that she did at the age of seven. And no, she has not received one formal art lesson.

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